Charles Barkley really wants to see somebody throw a jab in the direction of Brad Marchand or Draymond Green.

By Khadrice Rollins
June 05, 2019

It appears Charles Barkley really wants somebody in the NHL or NBA to take his advice when it comes to throwing punches.

The Naismith Hall of Famer has already gone on record saying he thinks somebody should punch Warriors All-Star Draymond Green in the face as well as Bruins All-Star Brad Marchand.

On Tuesday, Barkley doubled down on those comments.

"He's a hell of a player, and he's an annoying guy," Barkley said of Marchand during a Tuesday conference call, according to Andy Kostka of USA Today. "Draymond is a hell of a player, and he's an annoying guy. There's a bunch of really good players who are really annoying to play against, and you would want to play with them. So, I look at Draymond and Marchand as the same type of players. Just terrific players who would be really annoying to play against, and you really want to punch them in the face."

Although both players have perfected being a pest while also performing at a high level, one of them has to be slightly more annoying than the other.

So, who deserves to be punched in the face more: Draymond or Marchand?

Case Against Draymond

Kicked Steven Adams in the groin 

Punched LeBron James in the groin 

Snapchatted a picture of his own groin 

Punched a Michigan State football player in the jaw when he was too old to be fighting a college student

And this was all in a three-month span in 2016.

Case Against Marchand

Literally anything on this list compiled by Greg Wyshynski of Like the fact he licked a guy or punched a player after the whistle.

So the verdict is in, and although Draymond is a loud-mouthed trash talker who has delivered a few too many shots below the belt, Brad Marchand seems like he needs to get a punch to the jaw just to make sure he doesn't go too far and push somebody to the point where they go full Javaris Crittenton on him.

Which member of the Blues wants to step up and deliver the blow?

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