Spurs guard Dejounte Murray surprised his brother with a big reward for graduating with honors. 

By Dan Gartland
June 10, 2019

Brotherly love

Spurs guard Dejounte Murray surprised his younger brother in a major way after his high school graduation.

Murray’s brother Nate graduated with honors from Brandeis High School in San Antonio and Murray rewarded him by pulling up to their house with a brand new purple Dodge Challenger, his first car. Nate was absolutely overwhelmed.

Murray wrote on Instagram that Nate was having a hard time back home in Seattle and asked to move in with Dejounte in San Antonio, so Dejounte became more of a father figure for Nate.

“To My Younger Brother Nate, I Love You And I’m So Thankful For You. 10 Months Ago When You Cried And Asked To Move With Me Because You Was Depressed And Scared For Your Life And The Fact That You Didn’t Have A Male Figure There 24/7 Teaching You Right From Wrong I Had No Choice To Take You In And Become Your Guardian. One Thing I Made Clear When You Came Was That I Ain’t Your Mother Or Father But I’m Going To Be The Best Big Brother And Teach You Right From Wrong And Help You Grow As A Young Man. I Am In Tears Writing This Because All You Ever Wanted Was A Opportunity To Be The Best Young Man You Can Be And Since The Day You Moved With Me You Been The Most Respectful Person I Ever Met, You Didn’t Miss One Day Of School, On Honor Roll With A GPA 3.8 And Little Bro I Just Want To Tell You This Is The Beginning For You And God Has A PLAN For You. I Hope You Enjoy Your New And First Car 2019 Dodge Challenger!!! I Love You Nate And I Will Be Here For You Forever Baby Brother!!!”

Nate wrote on Instagram that he was just as grateful for the lessons Dejounte has taught him as he was for the muscle car.

“I have soooo many emotions right now!!! So many words to say!! MAMA I DID IT!!!!!! To my older brother I can’t thank you enough bro! All my life I wanted to be just like you I copied your mannerisms, your style, your everything nothing meant more to me than us having an unbreakable bond! I thank you so much for taking me in with you and helping raise me to be a strong, independent, wise and God loving Man. Aside from all the materialistic things you’ve taught me things that money can’t buy bro! I’m in a way better and happy place now and I promise you this isn’t the end this is the beginning of my journey and watch bro ima make you even more proud I LOVE YOU MORE THAN EVER BIG BROTHER.”

Max Muncy had the best trash talk of the season

Dodgers infielder Max Muncy and Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner exchanged, uh, pleasantries after Muncy hit a mammoth homer out into McCovey Cove.

After the game, Muncy was asked what he told Bumgarner as he rounded the bases: “If you don’t want me to watch the ball, you can get it out of the ocean.”

Game. 7.

The Stanley Cup Final is headed to a decisive Game 7 for the first time since 2011 after the Bruins dominated the Blues in St. Louis, 5–1. The back-breaking goal that proved to be the game-winner was this weird bouncer from Brandon Carlo in the third period.

The best of SI

The David Ortiz shooting does not look like an attempted robbery. ... Rafa Nadal reigned supreme at Roland Garros once again, winning an absurd 12th French Open title. ... Ten years ago, Bryce Harper was touted on the cover of SI as the next LeBron. How did that work out? ... These eight cities deserve an NFL expansion franchise. ... The USMNT looks like crap.

Around the sports world

Kevin Durant may actually play tonight against the Raptors, or maybe he won’t. ... The Nationals became the ninth team ever to hit four consecutive home runs. ... Vanderbilt freshman Kumar Rocker saved his team’s season with a 19-strikeout no-hitter.

A true Irishman

This stinks of viral marketing

This tweet is from Saturday afternoon

One last time for Beltre and Andrus

Straight steals of home are always awesome

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by MLB ⚾ (@mlb) on

Infectious joy

Brett Gardner needed six stitches to close a gash on his lip after this

Not sports

Steven Spielberg is writing a new horror series and you will only be able to watch it at night. ... A wildfire broke out right next to a Six Flags in California and the footage from guests is wild. ... Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson qualifies as a journalist, according to a New York judge. ... The creator of HBO’s Chernobyl series spent years making sure the show was as accurate as possible.

Frame this in the Maine capitol

A Blair Witch video game is coming soon

India is getting its own version of The Office

French people try to pronounce English words

A good song

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