1. It's not exactly a revelation to write a little thing here about James Dolan being one of the worst people in all of sports, but he's always providing so many opportunites that I have no choice.

The latest example of the Knicks owner being a bully comes from Bloomberg Businessweek writer Polly Mosendz, who was recently kicked out of a James Dolan concert by James Dolan.

The Knicks owner, who famously had Knicks legend Charles Oakley kicked out of Madison Square Garden, did not want Mosendz to write about him. So he threw a fit, got her removed from the clubs and then she wrote about him anyway.

According to Mosendz's account, "At one point, he flipped my notebook closed. Finally he stormed off and summoned security guards to make me leave."

The saddest thing about all this is that there are never any reprecussions for Dolan. As we told you earlier this week, amazingly, while the Knicks have been a complete embarrassment for about 20 years, the franchise is the fifth-most valuable in all of sports.

2. Introductory press conferences are usually snoozefests, but P.K. Subban, who was recently traded to the New Jersey Devils, stepped things up Thursday and became Ric Flair

3. Here's Trevor Bauer mocking Mike Francesa after Mike Francesa ripped Trevor Bauer, thus proving Mike Francesa's point on Trevor Bauer.

And here's Francesa returning serve.

4. Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard is ready for the MLB trade deadline.

5. We need more athletes reacting to other athletes reacting to news about their team or in their sport.

6. If you want even more coverage of the ESPN vs. Dan Le Batard saga, check out this week's SI Media Podcast wtih New York Post sports columnist Andrew Marchand. We went in-depth on the topic.What was Le Batard's biggest mistake? Why did ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro choose not to suspend Le Batard? What does Le Batard's future at ESPN look like? Should all sports shows have a "no politics talk" policy? We tackled all those questions and much more.

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7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: Larry and Jerry break down the power of cigar smoking.

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IN CLOSING: The Dan Le Batard vs. ESPN kerfuffle is over. There were meetings and now the show goes on. For now. We still have more than a year until Election Day.