The announcers were baffled as Rhys Hoskins's double rolled across the top of the outfield wall.

By Dan Gartland
August 29, 2019

The announcers were baffled

The Phillies’ 12–3 win over the Pirates was just another routine part of a fairly boring night in sports—aside from Rhys Hoskins’s RBI double in the third inning, of course.

Hoskins hit a ball into the corner off of Pittsburgh starter Mitch Keller that did something I’ve never seen a baseball do. It bounced off the warning track, ricocheted off the corner of the wall and landed on top of the fence dividing the crowd from the field of play. Rather than bounce over into the stands like every other ball that’s been hit in baseball history, this one managed to roll on the fence for about 20 feet. 

Broadcasters Tom McCarthy and John Kruk couldn’t believe their eyes.

“It’s hysterical,” McCarthy said. 

Kruk also astutely pointed out that if the ball had tipped over into the stands, it would have been an automatic double for Hoskins and Bryce Harper would have had to stay at third. Instead, Harper was able to score all the way from first while Bryan Reynolds tracked it down.  

The Packers crushed this

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And here they are side-by-side with their Hollywood counterparts.

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