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All Three New York Tabloids Made the Same Joke About the Knicks’ Spike Lee Drama

In Wednesday’s Hot Clicks: A rare trifecta from the New York tabloids, a heartwarming moment for a Vermont basketball player and more.

The Knicks are at it again

Reset the “It’s been ___ days since our last public embarrassment” counter at Madison Square Garden. The Knicks have decided it would be a good idea to launch a feud against one of the only people who still supports the team unequivocally. 

After a tiff with Garden security, Spike Lee went on First Take to allege he was being harassed by owner James Dolan and say he wouldn’t go to any more Knicks games this year. The team (at the behest of Dolan himself, no doubt) responded with a strongly worded statement and an image of Lee and Dolan shaking hands.

The crazy part, though, is Lee claiming the team set him up for that photo. 

If you know the Knicks, you shouldn’t be surprised by any of this. 

You also shouldn’t be surprised that this was perfect fodder for the New York tabloids. The people at the papers live for this kind of drama, especially when it involves an artist like Lee. His filmography presents plenty of opportunities for puns. 

And yet, all three papers used the same Spike film for the basis of their back page pun, and the two biggest publications even went with the exact same headline. 

The back page of the New York Post, featuring the Spike Lee "Do the Fight Thing" headline

I can’t believe one of them didn’t go for the pun on Lee’s basketball movie, He Got Game. They couldn’t do something like, “HE GOT SHAMED: Spike takes aim at Dolan after security incident”?

It’s fairly rare that all three of the city’s tabloids run the same sports headline, but it’s not unheard of. They all went with “Solder of Fortune” when the Giants landed free agent Nate Solder in 2018 and Mets infielder Wilmer Flores’s on-field tears in 2015 could only have resulted in three “Crying Shame” headlines. In an era where digital publishing makes it possible to switch your headline in seconds when you realize you weren’t first to the idea, it’s always extra fun to wake up in the morning and realize every headline writer in the city was on the same page. 

“Snacks” is an instant legend

The biggest college basketball star of the week is Jackson State manager Thomas “Snacks” Lee, who got to take the floor for the first time and bombed a deep three. 

As great as that clip is, you really have to watch the full video and listen to how much fun the announcers had with Lee’s appearance. 

The game action isn’t the only reason to love Snacks, though. Check out this video of him throwing down a dunk (with a little assistance). 

He also did an interview on the local news where he drained the shot again and said he practices every day shooting from back there. 

The conference even named him its Player of the Week.

The best of SI

In 1951, a Temple basketball player had one of the most dominant performances in college history but the accomplishment was largely lost to time. ... These are the top 80 prospects in the NBA draft as March Madness approaches. ... Where does ESPN move after failing in its pursuit of Tony Romo for the Monday Night Football booth? ... Cheating is rampant in the Paralympics.

Around the sports world

Some Princeton students are unhappy that Marshawn Lynch was picked as their graduation speaker. ... Rockets GM Daryl Morey called out broadcasters who criticize the way the modern game is played. ... A marathoner credits his career-best finish at the Olympic trials to his decision to stop and poop in the middle of the race. ... A fourth-tier German club became just the second team from its division to reach the semifinals of the country’s cup competition. ... A high school wrestler in West Virginia finished his career with a record of 142–0

March Madness isn’t the only reason this is the best part of college basketball season

Shaq with “hair” is freaking me out

But it’s not as bad as that time Caron Butler suddenly had a whole head of hair. 

He gave Jarrett Allen a taste of his own medicine


Just ridiculously lucky

Even spring training parks have gluttonous food

I love a good glove flip double play

51 points for Caris LeVert!

Vice’s tremendous wrestling documentary series Dark Side of the Ring is coming back for a second season

This seems like more of an Ivy League thing, to be honest

Not sports

A man in Florida discovered 22 Spanish coins from a 1715 shipwreck. ... Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner says she didn’t finish watching the final season after reading all the negative comments online.


No lies spotted

New York is always an adventure

Bring it on

When life gives you a neon pig sign...

A good song

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