The Legend of 'Snacks' Will Be the Best Thing You See Today: TRAINA THOUGHTS


1. The Miracle on Ice. The Catch. Tiger winning the Masters last year. All of those were nice sports moments, but they don't compare to what took place in Jackson, Miss., on Monday night thanks to Thomas "Snacks" Lee.

With Jackson State owning a 72-46 lead against University of Arkansas Pine Bluff, "Snacks," who is the manager of the men's basketball team, was inserted into the game with 2:05 remaining. 

The announcers could not contain themselves. The fans were unhinged. And "Snacks" was on a mission to drain a three-pointer. 

It took him three attempts before draining a shot from downtown, but what took place over the course of four minutes was absolute electric. Allow me to break down what took place in this must-see video

14-second mark: Snacks enters the game with a huge smile on his face. Announcer loses his mind.

39-second mark: Announcer drops the line: "Snacks is a big 'ol boy. Let's see what he can do."

1:13-mark: Snacks heaves an airball causing the announcers to laugh uncontrollably.

2:00-mark: Snacks launches an attempt from near mid-court. Announcers keep laughing.

2:40-mark Snacks comes close on another three-point attempt, hits back iron. Announcers keep laughing.


The love for "Snacks" from everyone in the gym was infectious and special. Any time you are down today and need a pick me up, fire up the video above. And be grateful for the legend of "Snacks."

2. It was a third-straight weekend of a viewership decline for the XFL. And now the league has to deal with competition from March Madness.

3. Spike Lee says he's done with the Knicks after an incident with security that took place at Monday night's game at MSG. He also said he's being harassed by owner, James Dolan.

4. Steve Kerr's dad jokes about Steph Curry's return are amusing.

5. MLB is so out of touch it even shuts down video from its own players.

6. The latest SI Media Podcast features an interview with the man who broke the news that Tony Romo was staying at CBS: Andrew Marchand. The New York Post sports media reporter and I discussed all the ramifications of Romo's whopping deal (reportedly 10 years, $180 million) and what it means for Romo, ESPN and Jim Nantz. 

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: RIP, James Lipton. His appearance on Da Ali G Show is legendary.

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