Devin White Takes Horseback Victory Lap After Buccaneers’ Parade

In Thursday’s Hot Clicks: how the Bucs celebrated their Super Bowl win, the surprising place Jerry Jones buys his wine and more.
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Giddy up

Buccaneers linebacker Devin White is a country dude from Springhill, a small Louisiana town on the Arkansas border. He grew up there riding horses and never stopped. When he got drafted, he owned four: Daisy Mae, Overdrive, Tailor Made and Ricky Bobby (down from the seven he had during his time at LSU). He bought Daisy Mae after seeing her on YouTube and drove all the way to Tennessee in a teammate’s pickup truck to bring her back to Baton Rouge, where he boarded her about three miles from campus.

He’s since added Artistic Dream to his stable of mounts, and as the Super Bowl approached he was dreaming of taking his new horse for a spin around the stadium.

“If we get the W, I don’t care what they say, I’m pulling the horse out and I’m gonna hold the Lombardi Trophy and I’m gonna ride around,” White told reporters before the game.

After the Bucs pulled out the victory, White asked general manager Jason Licht for permission and got the green light.

Sure enough, after the team’s aquatic victory parade, White and Artistic Dream got out on the field at Raymond James Stadium, trotting around the playing surface with the trophy.

This isn’t the first time White has taken one of his horses for a spin on his team’s home field. During his final year at LSU, White gave a presentation for a class on how to properly saddle a horse. Then, since Daisy Mae was already tacked up, he hopped on and rode her around campus, including on the grass at Tiger Stadium.

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