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Tom Brady Gives Terse One-Minute Press Conference After Buccaneers’ Loss to Washington

In Monday’s Hot Clicks: TB12’s reaction to Tampa Bay’s dud, Cam Newton’s big day with his new (old) team and more.

Belichick taught him well

Tom Brady was in no mood to talk after the Buccaneers’ disappointing loss to Washington on Sunday.

Tampa Bay traveled to Washington as a 10-point favorite on the road but lost 29–19 after Brady threw two first-quarter interceptions. It was the Bucs’ worst offensive performance of the season. They tied a season low with 19 points and their 273 total yards were 68 yards fewer than they managed in Week 2 against the Falcons.

After the game, Brady looked more than ready to hop on the plane and fly back to Florida. He opened his press conference by saying, “Let’s start. Make it quick.” And quick it was. Really quick. He spoke for a grand total of 58 seconds.

Here is the entirety of what he had to say:

Reporter: Tom, there didn’t seem to be many shots down the field today. I know there were a couple interceptions, balls going off guys’ hands and stuff, what were they doing to keep you from having splash plays in the passing game?

Brady: You know, we just never really played on our terms. We played from behind the whole game and they played a good game. I thought they had a good plan.

Reporter: How hard is it to [have a bad game] in the first game back [from the bye week]?

Brady: You know, obviously not a great day of football for us. It doesn’t matter who you play if you have a bunch of self-inflicted errors, too. I mean, we gotta eliminate those and see if we can go out and execute the plays that are there.

Reporter: What did you see on those interceptions?

Brady: We started with the ball, they came away with it. So. Thank you, guys.

Reporter: That’s it?

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The reporter who asked “That’s it?” at the end of the video sounded a little ticked off, but I never understood why writers get upset when a player or coach gives a terse press conference like that. A visibly frustrated Brady fielding three questions and really answering only one of them makes for a much better story than whatever boilerplate quotes he was going to give you. Brady’s standoffish demeanor and especially the snippy answer about the interceptions tell you everything you need to know about how the game went.

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A good song

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