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Watch: Video of Perfect Nine-Darter Goes Viral at World Darts Championship

Professional darts player William Borland is the toast of his sport Friday night after winning the deciding set against foe Bradley Brooks with a perfect nine-darter in the first round of the William Hill World Championship.

Borland, tied 2–2 with Brooks, started off the fifth set with three treble 20s, then hit two treble 20s and a treble 19 on his second turn. His third turn finished with two treble 20s and a double 12 to finish off his opponent in just nine darts. It’s an incredible accomplishment for the 25-year-old from Scotland.

Borland’s celebration is nothing short of amazing.

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If you’ve never played darts, or 501 in particular, the goal is to score 501 points, but you essentially count them backwards. Treble 20 = 60 points, Treble 19 = 57 points, etc. You win when you have zero points left to score.

Borland scored 180 points on his first turn, 177 points on his second, and then 144 points on his final. Once Brooks missed once, it was over.

The video below shows Brooks was gracious in defeat. It’d be hard not to be given what was accomplished.

Congrats to Borland on darts immortality. We imagine he’ll have a fun night celebrating this one.

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