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Fantasy Clicks: The One And Only


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The One And Only

LeBron James :: John W. McDonough/SI

Formed as a regular feature of SI's Inside the NBA column in the late 1990's, the SI Player Rating is based on a formula that calculates a player's value on the floor. Unlike most ratings systems that are based on per game stats during games that each player appeared in, the SIPR is based on team games played, with the theory being that a player who is not in the game is of no value to anyone, especially his fantasy owner.

Each team has played between 44 and 49 games at this point in the season, so the sample size is large enough for the numbers to be representative of what's really going on in the league. Below you'll see the top 150 players thus far but first some interesting observations.

First off, LeBron James is far and away the most valuable player in the league. His 59.0 rating (roughly 59 points per game he has a hand in) is nearly nine points higher than the second place Dwyane Wade, who comes in at 50.2. Kevin Durant holds the third spot, even though the rating was done through Saturday's games, before his 45-point outburst on Sunday against the Warriors. Next up is Kobe Bryant, who hit a heroic shot to give the Lakers a win in Boston while first-time All Star Chris Bosh, the subject of plenty of trade rumors, surprisingly stands in fifth place.

Positional Leaders

PG Steve Nash (8th overall)
SG Wade (2nd)
SF James (1st)
PF Bosh (5th)
C Brook Lopez (18th) over Dwight Howard (20th)

Rookie Leaders

Brandon Jennings (21st)
Tyreke Evans (32nd)
Stephen Curry (49th)
Jonny Flynn (86th)
Omri Casspi (122nd)

SI Recommends

Biggest Surprises

Monta Ellis (10th)
Zach Randolph (11th)
Gerald Wallace (12th)
David Lee (17th)
Aaron Brooks (28th)

Biggest Disappointments (outside the top 150)

Ben Gordon (167th)
T.J. Ford (198th)
Josh Howard (222nd)
Andris Biedrins (260th)
Brandon Bass (285th)

The Overall Top 150 (as of 1/30/2010)

Super QB Question

Quick, over the last four years, which quarterback has thrown the most yards? Here's a hint: he's playing in Sunday's game. Did you answer Peyton Manning? If so, you're wrong. Since Drew Brees got to New Orleans (after he inexplicably failed a physical in Miami) in 2006, he's passed for 18,298 yards, a full 1,359 yards more than Peyton Mannings total in one more game (63 to 64). Coincidenatlly, the two Super combatants are tied over the same span with 122 touchdown passes or 15 more than the next on the list, Dallas' Tony Romo.

A Final Word Of Thanks

During my six-week hiatus from this space I've really been living a fantasy as my wife and I welcomed our twins, Lily and Jeremy, into the world. To make matters even happier, the kids arrived literally as I was in the midst of winning the Sports Illustrated Football Association football championship, capping an incredible fantasy season. Thanks to all of you who were following me on Twitter asking for my advice and congratulations to all of you who wrote to me to tell me about your titles. It meant a lot to me to hear that I was able to help you win your league in even the slightest way.

Since the kids arrived, my world has been turned upside down. Luckily we're in the weirdest part of the fantasy year with football behind us and still with a month to go before baseball kicks in, so the timing couldn't have been better for me to drop out of the scene for a while. Now five weeks into the odyssey, I'm back and ready for a new year and a new life.

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