How Pats schedule will hurt Brady and other facts you need to know

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Too often, those that don't play fantasy football are telling those that do that it's a waste of time.

Too often, wives get upset at their husbands for ignoring them every Sunday.

Too often, bosses yell at their employees for reading fantasy football articles when they should be landing airplanes.

Here's an article that kills two birds with one stone. You'll learn some interesting fantasy football facts, while also learning an interesting fact about the world around us.

Interesting fact you don't need to know: People that are right-handed, live nine years longer on average than left-handed people.

Interesting fact you need to know: The Patriots offense faces the hardest schedule against pass defenses in the NFL this season. The Bengals are next, followed by Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Buffalo. The Falcons have the easiest schedule for the pass, followed by the other three teams in the NFC South (Saints, Bucs, Panthers) and the Rams. Keep that in mind if you are debating between some of these sets of players: Tom Brady/Drew Brees, Wes Welker/Roddy White and Julio Jones/A.J. Green. Both Brady and Brees land in the top 15 picks in my two-round mock draft, however.

Interesting fact you don't need to know: A pair of Major League Baseball teams will go through 60-70 baseballs in any given game.

Interesting fact you need to know: Brandon Pettigrew was targeted 32 times in the final three weeks of the regular season -- a number topped by only six players. Calvin Johnson's numbers weren't affected by it either -- averaging eight catches for 185 yards and over one TD per game in the final three weeks. Let the other owners fight over Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham and a few other big-name tight ends. Take Pettigrew in Round 7 and then let out a maniacal laugh, while rubbing your hands together up high!

Interesting fact you don't need to know: Elephants are the only animals that are unable to jump and it's the only animal with four knees.

Interesting fact you need to know: Only nine running backs scored more Fantasy points than Jets RB Shonn Greene between Weeks 12-17 last season. The arrival of Tim Tebow shouldn't affect his stats too much (see 2011 Willis McGahee), and Greene's owners from past seasons are audibly soured on the former Iowa star. If he slips to you in Rounds 6 or 7, snatch him up.

Interesting fact you don't need to know: It takes the average person about seven minutes to fall asleep.

Interesting fact you need to know: The Raiders have the second-toughest schedule in the first five weeks for running backs. (In other words, they play stout rush defenses in the first five weeks.) So Darren McFadden, who'll face the Chargers, Dolphins, Steelers and Broncos before his Week 5 bye, will likely stumble out of the gate. But his opponents are much more favorable in the final 12 weeks of the season. His Lisfranc injury appears to be behind him, as he has practiced without issue. If you don't draft the fifth-year back out of Arkansas, then make sure to trade for him after Week 4 or 5.

Interesting fact you don't need to know: People kill over 20 millions sharks each year, while sharks kill fewer than 20 people each year.

Interesting fact you need to know: Falcons RB Michael Turner has averaged 11 rushing touchdowns over the past three seasons -- a total only Adrian Peterson has eclipsed, with an average of 14. The Falcons said they will get more work to RB Jacquizz Rodgers, that could end up being a blessing for Turner's fantasy owners. Turner is a solid second-round pick outside of PPR leagues.

Interesting fact you don't need to know: Hair grows faster during warm weather months and fingernails grow faster during cold weather months.

Interesting fact you need to know: It's very rare that the No. 1 defense/special teams drafted ends up as the top scoring fantasy DST. This season might be different, though. The Niners DST led the NFL in fantasy scoring last year. They were among the leaders in points and yards allowed, interceptions, forced fumbles, fumble recoveries and sacks. The one category they weren't leaders in was defensive touchdowns scored (just three). Sixteen teams scored on defense more than San Francisco in 2011. Here's why that's good: DTDs are scored because of luck, usually. That luck will eventually come San Francisco's way in 2012, when they face the best schedule in the NFL for a Fantasy DST (they face bad offenses more than any other team, in other words). Are you too chicken to draft the Niners DST in Round 4!?! ... Me too. Take them in Round 8 or 9 though.

Now, when your parents/wives/bosses yell at you about researching fantasy football, you can come back and drop some four-kneed elephant knowledge on 'em!

David Gonos is a fantasy sports veteran of over 20 years and 100 fantasy football leagues. He has drafted both Curt and Kurt Warner in his lifetime, and he owns a Bucs Trent Dilfer jersey (jealous, much?) He also dispenses fantasy advice on his own site,, along with various stories about life, love and beer. You can also follow him @davidgonos on Twitter.