July 10, 2013
There's little doubt that Chris Davis will keep up his monster hitting stats through the second half.
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Mack: I agree with Beller's picks, although I will add Yasiel Puig in the event he doesn't win the fan's vote for the last player in. Puig has been on the biggest stories in baseball for the past month. Let the hype machine go nuts! However, there will always be someone left out because of the rules in place. It is like the NCAA Tournament selection show, where too much talk centers around who's not in instead of those who are and have a legit case to be there. If those snubbed players were popular enough to the masses, they would have been voted in or selected by the managers. Yes, I said "popular" -- not statistically worthy. The All-Star Game is a popularity showcase, not a statistical achievement. In fantasy terms, you are better off allowing your "snubbed" stars rest and mentally reset for a few days than going through the whole All-Star hoopla anyway.

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