April 28, 2014
An unsuspecting Collin McHugh receives a Gatorade shower after holding the A's to two hits in 8 2/3 innings.
Juan DeLeon/Icon SMI

Now normally, I might advise against adding a player like McHugh on the grounds that he's not likely to be awesome down the line. But the next team he'll face is none other than the Mariners, the very team he just struck out 12 times. If nothing else, he should be added for streaming purposes, and who knows -- maybe you'll be inclined to keep him around, if he pitches well enough. Either way, pitting him against the Mariners looks to be a matchup in his favor, and his performances lately have earned him at least one stream start in good faith.

Ben Revere stole three bases in three games against the Diamondbacks last weekend.
Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

• Cameron Maybin was in the Padres lineup for the first time this year and went 2-for-4 with a run. Maybin, the guy the Marlins traded for when they gave away Miguel Cabrera, has had a couple of bright moments in the majors. He collected 40 steals in 2011, with 28 of them coming in his last 62 games, but he hasn't done much of anything since, which is mostly due to injuries. In the last year alone, Maybin has dealt with a ruptured biceps tendon, a torn posterior cruciate ligament and a torn wrist ligament. He's only 27, but you get the sense that he's never going to be healthy enough to sustain another productive season. Maybin's value lies mostly in his speed, so he's not worth considering until he can show that he's healthy enough to stick around in the Padres lineup, and that could take a while.

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