June 17, 2014
Joe Mauer is hitting .258 so far this season, while Carlos Santana is hitting just. 191.
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Game, set and match to Santana.

Justin Verlander has a 4.98 ERA so far this season, which isn't helping his fantasy owners.
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• Playing in the Mariners lineup for the second time in three days, Jesus Montero went a modest 1-for-4 at the plate. If you've forgotten about Montero, you're not alone. The former top prospect was ineffective in his short stint in the majors, and then gained so much weight in the offseason that the Mariners GM even said, "I have zero expectations for Jesus Montero. Any expectations I had are gone." Despite that, Montero is only 24, and what's intriguing with him is that he has eligibility at catcher, even though he's resigned to play first and DH from here on out. If he could actually rake in the big leagues, if he could fulfill on his expectations and be just a so-so power hitter, he could be a viable option at catcher. For now, there's not enough there for him to be added in anything but extremely deep leagues.

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