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The best fantasy football QBs, No. 7: Carson Palmer

With Carson Palmer, it's all about his health. 

Everything came together for the Cardinals last year, with the offense flowing from the brain of Bruce Arians and right arm of Carson Palmer. The 12-year veteran enjoyed the best season of his career, setting new personal standards in yards (4,671), touchdowns (35), YPA (8.7) and quarterback rating (104.6). It seems trite to say, “If he stays healthy…” with respect to a football player, or really any professional athlete. Given Palmer’s injury history, however, he has a greater-than-baseline risk for injury, and that’s why the qualifier applies here. If he does stay healthy, though, last year’s numbers are well within reach. He has an excellent, well-rounded trio of receivers at his disposal in Michael Floyd, Larry Fitzgerald and John Brown, while running back David Johnson is ready to handle a workhorse load for the entire season. Arizona features one of the best offensive lines in the league, as well as one of its finest offensive coaches in Arians. Palmer could be limited from a fantasy perspective by a team that is too good, and thus lets the offense take the foot off the gas every now and again, or by Johnson’s presence in the backfield. Those are first-world problems, though. Palmer is in line for another great year.

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