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Must Watch: Julian Edelman's Fantasy Football Fate Hangs on Jarrett Stidham's Ability

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Fantasy Football Draft or Pass: Julian Edelman

For years, Julian Edelman has been one of the most consistent receivers for Points Per Reception Fantasy Leagues. He’s not a dominant superstar like Michael Thomas or DeAndre Hopkins, but having him on your team brought stability to your lineup. That of course was when he was catching passes from Tom Brady. For 2020, it appears he’ll be on the receiving end of Jarrett Stidham’s passing attempts. How does that affect Edelman’s value in fantasy football?

SI’s fantasy analyst Jaime Eisner and Patriots reporter Devon Clements discussed what fantasy football players should expect from Edelman this season.

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Bill Enright: It's time to play, draft or pass. When it comes to Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman. Let's bring on Devin Clements from Patriot Maven and Jamie Eisner, our fantasy and gambling analyst here at Sports Illustrated. Fellas, we know Edelman is one of the most consistent receivers in PPR leagues, but that's when Tom Brady was throwing him passes. What do we expect from Edelman in 2020? Now that Jarrett Stidham will be under center? Devin, I'll start with you. If you're playing in a fantasy league, you drafting or passing on Edelman this year. 


Devon Clements: Well, listen, obviously, we know Tom Brady is out there, just like you said, new quarterback under center, Jared Stidham. The offensive line is going to be healthy again this year. So going back to twenty eighteen form and with a loaded backfield again, I think we're going to see a less Julia enemy than we saw last year with one hundred receptions, eleven hundred yards and thirty four years of age. We saw the toll it took on him in the second half of last year. So I think on passing on this year in fantasy. 

Bill Enright: Jamie, given where Edelman's ADP is right now, as we head into the summer, are you drafting or passing on the veteran wide receiver? 

Julian Edelman Surgery

Jaime Eisner: I'm probably tracking him where he is now, he's going about wide receiver thirty in the middle to late 6th round. Look, injuries are going to be the biggest concern for me because he has a lot of room for regression. He was the number five overall by receiver in PPR formats last season. You take a twenty nine percent drop in his career average and catches an eleven percent drop in career average in yards per game and a 3 percent drop in career touchdowns per game. And you'll still get a top 30 PPR wide receiver next year right around thirteen fantasy points per game. If he could play 16 games, even with the downgrade a quarterback, he could still be a serviceable wide receiver. Three or flex option for you. 

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Bill Enright: Excellent analysis. Even when you guys disagree, I still have fun to learn a lot. Devon and Jamie, thank you guys so much. Plenty more fantasy football coverage from Sports Illustrated. You can find it all by going to out the other articles and videos from our Draft or Pass series:

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