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Bryson DeChambeau Says He's Not on PEDs, Declares Test Results in Video

Unprompted on Monday, Bryson DeChambeau posted a video to his YouTube account proclaiming that he is not taking performance-enhancing drugs.

In a video titled "I Got Tested For PEDs... Here's The Results," DeChambeau goes to a laboratory to take a blood and urine test, presumably to quash speculation about his weight and muscle gain and longer driving distance. 

"I wanted you guys to see this and showcase this because no one else is going to do this,” DeChambeau said in the video. "This is medical health information that I’m willing to disclose, and I want you guys to know that I did this in a way that was hopefully natural, and just hard work."

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However, the video doesn't visibly show DeChambeau taking the tests; instead, it shows a caption that says, "For legal purposes filming inside is prohibited." 

Then, more than half of the video's six-minute run time shows DeChambeau conducting a speed test, where a team measures drives launched into a tarp. 

The golfer, currently ranked seventh in the Official World Golf Rankings, then reveals what he says are the results of the test, showing his phone to the camera with an email allegedly from the laboratory listing negative results for amphetamine, various growth hormones, methamphetamine and anabolic agents among others. 

During the past two seasons, the 28-year old led the PGA in average drive distance, improving his drive distance by 1.6 yards to 323.7 yards per drive in 2021. But the most acute improvement came from his 2019 total of 302.5 yards per drive in 2019 to 322.1 yards per drive in 2020. 

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