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Fed up with Patrick Reed and TV rally killers

Forget any benefit of the doubt concerning PGA Tour’s resident bad boy, reader says, in wake of Peter Kostis’ insight

I’ve been reading a lot of comments about Patrick Reed recently, with defenders suggesting to give him the benefit of the doubt (“From the Morning Read inbox,” March 3; March 2; March 1).

For me, that benefit expired when former CBS commentator Peter Kostis referenced no fewer than four times that he personally witnessed Reed fluffing his lie with an iron before going back to the bag and pulling a fairway metal. Add in all the other accusations and I say, where there’s smoke, and if it walks like a duck. . . .

I’m done with P-Reed.

I also need to air my beef with golf announcers.

There is never any need to say “a moment ago” or “just earlier” before showing a shot. The viewer does not need to know that it happened a few minutes earlier, and in fact it ruins the drama for us. NBC’s Dan Hicks and Gary Koch are the biggest abusers in this regard.

For those who might not have noticed, have your favorite beverage with you, and enjoy a drink every time you hear one of those phrases on a golf telecast. Let me know what time you wake up the next day.


Gregg Cook
Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Maybe it’s time to tee up a provisional
Reader Mel Howsmon states that he plays with “a group of guys who want so badly to win that they will not hesitate to cheat” (“From the Morning Read inbox,” March 3).

My advice to Howsmon is to find a new set of golf buddies.

Ken Staroscik
Firestone, Colo.

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