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Watch: Steve Nash Discusses HomeCourt App at Apple Event

Steve Nash spoke about HomeCourt, the shot-tracking app he's an investor in, during Apple's 2018 event.

Former NBA All-Star Steve Nash took the stage and discussed the HomeCourt App during Wednesday's Apple Event.

HomeCourt is an app that uses A.I. to track and chart shooting during individual workouts. A presentation of the app's functions was shared during Wednesday's event to demonstrate the capabilities of the new iPhone XS camera.

Nash, Mark Cuban, Sam Hinkie and Jeremy Lin, are all investors in the app, which was developed by NEX Team. HomeCourt displays the amount of makes and misses a user accumulates over a period of time. It can also break down a user's release time, release angle, leg angle, speed, release time and release height.

"HomeCourt is giving players immediate feedback to help them understand if they are practicing with the right form," Nash said. "Release time is also a great indicator of whether the player is shooting at game speed while staying low. These meaningful insights and feedback just weren't possible before."