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Video: Minor Leaguer Does Gymnast-Like Split to Complete Double Play

He's 6'4" and made this look easy. 

Every two years in middle school and high school we went through state-mandated physical fitness tests. The one I consistently failed most miserably—worse than the mile, pushups and sit-ups—was the “sit and reach,” which measured your flexibility. So when I saw what Blue Jays farmhand Emilio Guerrero did on Monday night, I felt a familiar twinge in my hamstring. 

Guerrero, typically a third baseman and shortstop, played first in Monday’s game against the Portland Sea Dogs and looked like a natural when he stretched to complete a double play in the fourth inning. 

“Stretched” is selling it short, though. Guerrero dropped his entire 6'4" frame to the ground in a full split and made it look easy. 

Here it is in looping form, because you definitely want to watch it over and over again. 

Guerrero also went 2 for 3 at the plate. Not a bad day.