Giancarlo Stanton may be baseball's best slugger. He's also the only athlete to don body paint for the SI cover.

By Andy Gray
August 31, 2017

Giancarlo Stanton is on a roll. He's already tied the record for most home runs in August (18) and seems a lock to reach the vaunted 60-plus home runs mark. The Marlins outfielder, who is in the middle of a 13-year, $325 million deal, has established himself as one of baseball's top stars, both on and off the field. But all that pales in comparison to that week in March, 2015 when Stanton became the first non-swimsuit model to appear on the SI cover in body paint. 

Photo by Walter Iooss; Body paint by Joanne Gair

Body paint is not easy. Stanton had to sit perfectly still for about eight hours while a group of makeup artists did their magic. But don't feel too bad - we brought in SI Swimsuit model Erin Heatherton to assist with the shoot. Below are some outtakes.

Walter Iooss




We foresee a lot more Stanton covers over the next decade. Not sure he'll be in body paint again, though.

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