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Watch: Josh Reddick Celebrated the Astros Winning the AL West In an American Flag Speedo

God bless the USA.

On Sunday evening, the Astros put the finishing touches on a division title that was four months in the making, beating the Mariners to win the AL West crown. Houston has had first place more or less sewn up since late May and was never challenged down the stretch, so you would think that the celebration would be somewhat muted in light of the fact that this was the expected outcome. But don't tell that to the players involved, particularly outfielder Josh Reddick, who got extra patriotic as he nearly bore it all in the locker room.

Stripping down to swimwear seems to be Reddick's thing in clubhouse celebrations. He did it last year as a member of the Dodgers after Los Angeles beat Washington in the NLDS, bearing the same stars-and-stripes Speedo and not much else, and then there was this (NSFW) regrettable decision to wear underwear that didn't quite cover all during the Athletics' AL West title celebration back in 2014. My guess as to all the post-clinch near-nudity is that his pants are constantly chafing him, though it is probably the wiser move to ditch all clothing in advance of a beer-and-champagne shower.

Expect another post like this one if Reddick and the Astros can get past their first-round opponent in the ALDS next month. I shudder to think what he has in mind if Houston wins the World Series.

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