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Super Fan Bill Murray Could Play Joe Maddon in Upcoming Cubs Movie

The super fan, in talks to play manager Joe Maddon, could finally become a Cubbie. 

Bill Murray is as much a face of the Chicago Cubs organization as some of the team's most famous legends. 

So it's only fitting that he now might actually become one, well in Hollywood at least, with the Cubs thrilling, movie-like ending win getting a script.

Murray is reportedly in talks to play manager Joe Maddon, according to Deadline. 

The film, based on former Cubs catcher David Ross' book Teammate, is about his final year with the team that broke a record 108-year winless World Series drought. 

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“Are you serious?” Maddon said when he found out. “He’s much better looking than me. And second of all, it’s very flattering if that is true. He would totally dig on that, just the part of being on the baseball field as a manager.”

Murray has been the Cubs most public super fan for what seems like forever, growing up in suburban Chicago and rooting for his Cubbies ever since. He has crashed a White House press briefing to talk baseball, appeared on SNL to sing "Go Cubs Go" with Ross, Anthony Rizzo and Dexter Fowler, sang the "Take me out to the Ball Game" during the Series and of course, appeared in the clubhouse following the 2016 World Series victory.

We casted the inevitable movie back when the team first took the title, but Murray as Maddon is just too good to be true. 

It only leaves us wondering, who will play Murray?