The Yankees Are All-In On This Fake Press Conference Celebration

They've now got microphones that say "The Toe Night Show"
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If you've watched Yankees games recently, you've noticed two celebrations that they've been running with. The first is the thumbs-down gag, which stems from a camera panning to an old man who put his thumb down without an ounce of emotion after a Yankee home run.

The second is a fake press conference, a celebration that is saved for after home runs. In this one, the home-run hitter comes back to the dugout and his teammates perform a fake press conference with him. One guy holds the microphone and asks the questions, other guys pretend to be the press pool while Ronald Torreyes plays the cameraman role. 

Here's a video of the ruse, so you can associate an image with all those words. 

(Yes, I know the Cubs did this first.)

It's now postseason time, which means every team has to push it to another level if they're going to succeed; this celebration is no exception. After Aaron Judge went deep to push the Yankees lead over the Twins to 7-4, the Yankees went with the press conference celebration. This time, they showed off a microphone branded with "The Toe Night Show," a nod to Ronald Torreyes' "Toe" nickname.

This year's squad is by far the most fun Yankee team we've seen in years—it's no coincidence, given their youth—and should the Yankees advance, we'll be seeing more of these antics.