The Yankees closer 'liked' an Instagram comment calling manager Joe Girardi 'a complete imbecile.'

By Connor Grossman
October 08, 2017

In the hours after losing a crushing game to the Indians on Friday, Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman perused Instagram early Saturday morning.

It was quickly unearthed that Chapman's account had "liked" a very pointed and controversial comment on a post of manager Joe Girardi. 

The post was a meme of Girardi throwing his hands up in the air at a press conference, captioned "It's not what you want," referring to a classic Girardi-ism. Once word got back to Chapman that he endorsed the Instagram comment, Anthony Rieber of Newsday reported, he went into Girardi's office Saturday morning to apologize.

The report stated Chapman told Girardi he didn't know he had liked the comment, and the Yankees official Rieber spoke to said “that’s not the type of person or player or teammate he is. He was apologetic.”

Girardi came under major scrutiny after the Yankees blew an 8-3 lead in Game 2 of the ALDS on Friday. From removing CC Sabathia to not challenging a controversial hit-by-pitch that set up a Cleveland grand slam, Girardi had plenty explain at a Yankee Stadium press conference on Saturday afternoon.

The series continues on Sunday with Game 3 in New York at 7:38 p.m. ET.

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