World Series Gambler Walking Away After Going Six for Six and Winning $14 Million

A mystery man who has won $14 million on the World Series will walk away with his winnings and not bet on Game 7. 
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Sir Let It Ride is no more. Long live Sir Let It Ride. 

The mysterious World Series gambler, who bet on the winning team in each of the first six games of the series, reinvested his winnings each time and won $14 million in the process, will walk away with his winnings and will not bet on Game 7.

The internet fell in love with this mysterious man, who is reportedly under 30 and Eastern European, because of his predictive abilities and willingness to risk it all each and every game. In Game 6, Sir Let it Ride risked all $8 million he'd won up to that point and on the Dodgers, who won 3-1 to bring his World Series winnings to roughly $14 million. 

Of course, he's making the smart financial decision. But there is definitely a part of me that wanted him to make another savagely confident decision and let it ride just one more time. 

Here's to hoping Sir Let it Ride's identity—or identities, as it could be a group placing the bets—becomes public soon. If there is a Sports Betting Hall of Fame, or if there ever will be one, he is undoubtedly a first-ballot guy.