Fowler had to remind Pence that Stanton to the Giants wouldn't do great things for Pence's playing time. 

By Daniel Rapaport
December 06, 2017

Two teams have emerged as potential partners for the Marlins in what would be a mega-trade for reigning NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton: the Giants and Cardinals. 

Just as we've seen NBA players do for years now, players from both the Giants and Cardinals have taken to social media to try and recruit the 28-year-old slugger, who must waive a no-trade clause if he is to be dealt.

Here's Giants right fielder Hunter Pence trying to get Stanton excited about the potential they'd have if they combined their Halloween costumes (Pence was Napoleon Dynamite, while Stanton was Popeye).

Cardinals centerfielder Dexter Fowler put two and two together and realized that Stanton plays Pence's position of right field. And without a DH in the National League, Stanton's potential arrival in San Francisco would displace Pence from his starting spot. 

That's a little cold on Fowler's end, but I think he still gets the edge here with the #ComeFlexWithDex hashtag.  

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