MLB “tried to censor me,” Trevor Bauer tweeted. 

By Dan Gartland
March 08, 2018

Outspoken Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer implied Thursday that someone tried to keep him from using Twitter. 

Bauer tweeted that the Indians had a meeting encouraging players to be politically active and that he found the meeting “disingenuous” because the commissioner’s office had “specifically tried to censor me for sharing my opinion on the matter.”

When a fan responded by asking if MLB’s “censorship” was the reason for Bauer’s decreased Twitter presence this winter, Bauer replied that he "wasn't allowed access" to his Twitter account "for a while." It was unclear whether the Indians, MLB or someone else restricted his access. 

Bauer landed himself in hot water in Feb. 2017 for a Twitter spree in which he spent hours on end arguing about politics with his followers. He joked that another user should kill themselves, bragged about how smart he is and described “690%” of his teammates as Donald Trump supporters. 

Bauer tweeted relatively sparingly this offseason—mostly about his offseason training and only occasionally responding to fans—but didn’t have any extended Twitter absences, so it’s not clear whether MLB or the Indians actually took away the keys to Bauer’s account or if they simply told him to watch what he says online. 

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