Carlos Correa was gathering supplies to send to Puerto Rico instead of the White House visit.

By Chris Chavez
March 13, 2018

On Monday, the Houston Astros visited the White House and met with President Donald Trump. Shortstop Carlos Correa was not in attendance in Washington, D.C. but said it was "not about politics or anything," according to Jake Kaplan of The Athletic.

Correa spent the day gathering supplies to send to Puerto Rico for Hurricane Maria relief. He was joined by his parents and fiancée.

About six months after the storm, more than 10% of residents are still without power. Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Harvey relief was one of the big motivating factors around the Astros during their playoff run to their first championship title in franchise history.

Former teammate Carlos Beltran, who retired after the World Series victory, decided to skip the White House visit as well. He has been vocal about the Trump administration's handling of the crisis in Puerto Rico. In the East Room, Trump said that he will continue "to stand by the people of Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, Louisiana, even Alabama" in relief efforts.

Ke Giles was also not in attendance on Monday due to family reasons.

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