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Trevor Bauer Is Making the World’s First Charitable 69 Joke

Trevor Bauer will make 68 donations of $420.69 and one contribution of $69,420.69.

Trevor Bauer, the Indians pitcher and Extremely Online Person, is going to spend the next two-plus months making a very philanthropic 69/420 joke. 

Bauer announced Wednesday (in a 69-second video) that he’s launching a charitable campaign called “69 Days of Giving” during which he’ll make 68 donations of $420.69 and one contribution of $69,420.69. 

Bauer’s passion for the sex number and the weed number is so great that he wanted to file for a salary of either $6.9 million or $6,420,969.69 in arbitration this year, Yahoo’s Jeff Passan reports. Less sophomoric minds prevailed, though, and Bauer ended up filing at $6,525,000. The charitable donations will account for the difference between that number and the $6,420,969.69 he actually wanted to paid. (He’ll end up donating a total of $98,027.61, with the remaining $6,002.70 going to a guy named Taiki Green, who produced the video and will run the campaign’s website.)

The first donation went to the Lone Survivor Foundation, which helps wounded members of the armed forces, and Bauer is asking for fans submit suggestions of other deserving charities for the remaining 67 smaller donations. The biggest $69,420.69 contribution will be made on the last day of the campaign to a charity of Bauer’s choosing. 

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