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Listen: John Sterling Has a New Home Run Call for Giancarlo Stanton and It Involves Singing

Is this better than when he was speaking in Italian?

John Sterling's initial home run call for Giancarlo Stanton did not register well with most people.

Sterling went with, "Giancarlo, non si può stoparlo!" on Opening Day. The call was a play on the Italian phrase, "Non può essere fermato," which means "you can not stop it."

Sterling had been working on that call prior to the start of the season, but was ready to switch it up after it didn't go over as well as he hoped.

The issue however, is Stanton stopped hitting home runs. The 2017 NL MVP hit two home runs in the season opener and his third homer of the year back on April 4 in the sixth game of the year, but then failed to go deep for the next 11 contests.

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On Friday though, Stanton finally gave Sterling a chance to try out the new call when he hit a two-run shot off the Blue Jays' Marco Estrada.

S instead of Italian, now we get singing.

Let's give it a little time to see how the fans truly feel, but as of now, it seems like an improvement.