Report: Ex-Red Sox Hanley Ramirez Not Involved in Federal Investigation

A friend reportedly dropped Ramirez's name in an attempt to avoid getting arrested during a police stop.
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After a report surfaced on Friday that former Red Sox first baseman Hanley Ramirez was being "eyed" in an ongoing federal and state investigation, Ramirez is reportedly not involved in the investigation, according to The Boston Globe.

A friend dropped Ramirez's name in an attempt to avoid getting arrested while transporting fentanyl from New York to Massachusetts in April, reports the Globe. The friend grew up in the Dominican Republic with Ramirez.

The man was pulled over by Massachusetts State Police. When police searched his car and found a box in the trunk, the man declined to open it and said the box was filled with books from Ramirez's mother. The man also claimed he was driving to deliver the books to Ramirez.

The friend then tried to FaceTime Ramirez to back up his story. When police asked Ramirez if he knew his friend was coming to see him with the box, Ramirez said he was unaware. The police asked Ramirez for permission to open the box and he agreed.

Police found two kilograms of fentanyl inside the box, and the man was arrested on drug trafficking charges. He then stated that Ramirez was not involved.

On Friday, Red Sox spokesperson Kevin Gregg said that the team was not made aware of the matter until a reporter reached out to them.

The Red Sox cut Ramirez on May 25, and Gregg said the decision was only for baseball reasons.

Ramirez's agent, Adam Katz, also denied having any prior knowledge of the investigation.

On Sunday, Katz released a statement calling the report "reckless" and "irresponsible."

The attorney of the man who named Ramirez during the stop told the Globe that the police never believed Ramirez was involved.

"He feels awful that this has had any fallout toward Mr. Ramirez," the attorney said.