New Padres Ticket Offer Kind of Incentivizes Fans to Root Against Their Team

This is an...interesting idea by the Padres.
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When you're a struggling MLB team, you kind of need to find ways to get fans to come to games.

That's the current state for the San Diego Padres, who sit 20 games under .500 at 42-62. The poor play, combined with the fact that there are hundreds of amazing other things to do in San Diego, has prompted the Padres front office to create a new promotional offer.

Essentially, the Padres are offering a five-win pass that allows a fan to attend as many games as it takes until they see five home victories.

"Fans receive a ticket for the first game of their pass, beginning on July 27, and every subsequent Padres home game until they have claimed tickets for five home victories or until September 30, whichever happens first," the statement read.

I know it looks like a good idea, but isn’t it more fun to root for your team to win? There will surely be some fans in the stands rooting for the Padres to lose so they get to come out to another game, and that can’t feel good if you’re a player on the field. 

Ultimately, though, it’s the Padres that get the last laugh. The longer they keep losing, the longer fans are coming out and paying for parking and concessions.