Fan Wearing Bucket on His Head Spared From Serious Injury by Falling Scoreboard Tile

But why was he wearing the bucket?
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A fan at Tuesday’s Cubs-Diamondbacks game could have been seriously injured, if not for the plastic bucket they were wearing on their head, according to the Chicago Tribune

A 19-year-old man sitting in the centerfield bleachers was hit on the head by a footlong metal tile that fell from the manually operated scoreboard. The big hunk of metal could have caused some serious damage, except the man—for some reason—was wearing a plastic bucket on his head. 

The fan was not unharmed, though. He was taken to a local hospital and needed five staples to close a cut on his head, a team spokesman told the Tribune. 

The Cubs are investigating how the tile fell from the scoreboard, but I’d like them to investigate why the man had the bucket on his head. Perhaps he was simply imitating his favorite prog-rock guitarist