Have you ever wondered just how it is that 45-year-old Bartolo Colon has maintained his body in such a way that he's been able to play 21 seasons in MLB?

Well, thanks to the Kingsford Charcoal team, the world finally gets to see what it takes for Colon to sculpt his one-of-a-kind physique.

Although his year with the Rangers has not been one of his best (7-12 with a 5.78 ERA), Colon is only two years removed from an All-Star season with the Mets in 2016. 

Now would probably be a good time to grab a pencil and paper to take some notes, because it is not every day you get an inside look into the training regimen of a four-time All-Star and Cy Young Award winner.

If you want to eat ribs, you have to squat the pig.