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Boston Sign Kid Makes His Return at Red Sox' World Series Parade

Duck boats? Nope, we want to see Boston sign kid at the Red Sox' parade.
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Boston sign kid and championship parades go together like the Red Sox hating the Yankees. 

So it's only natural that we wanted to see another sighting of the kid who went viral because of his wonderful luck to be born into Boston's championship era. The Boston sign kid, named Jason McKeon, has made appearances at various championship parades in the city since the Bruins' win in 2011. But he was born in 2002, so he's been around for 11 championships since then. 

The Red Sox have four now, while the Patriots have five Super Bowl titles. The Celtics and Bruins have one apiece. So with the Red Sox' big win against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Sunday, we were left anticipating another sighting of sign kid, or sign teenager now. 

And we weren't disappointed. 

What a lucky, lucky kid.