Lin-Manuel Miranda and producers may not need to look any further than the White Sox bullpen next time there's a casting for the hit historical musical "Hamilton."

Two Chicago relievers, Ryan Burr and Ian Hamilton, recreated the infamous duel between then Vice President Aaron Burr and Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton that led to Hamilton's death. While the confrontation occurred in 1804, it was revisited Sunday in spring training when the pair walked into the clubhouse dressed as the historical figures, reports NBC Chicago's Chuck Garfien.

“We came together, it was all about unity at the end," Hamilton the pitcher told Garfien. "That’s basically the moral of the story. Don’t fight each other. Come together."

The Burr-Hamilton duel was the culmination of a long rivalry between the two, but the modern day pitchers became teammates together in Class A in Winston-Salem, N.C. Burr, who said he had stage fright ahead of the show, put together a script with a few talking points.

The two told Garfien the idea came from higher up in the organization, but they weren't forced to do the skit. It was more for laughs and a show of unity. Good to see these two weren't throwing away their shots on the perfect pun opportunity.