Report: MLB Eyeing Salary Raise for Minor League Players

The Blue Jays previously announced that they were increasing minor league salaries by more than 50%.
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Major League Baseball is looking into introducing a significant increase in salaries for minor league players, ESPN's Jeff Passan reported on Monday.

According to Passan, MLB officials suggested raising pay for minor league players during an initial collective-bargaining meeting with the group that oversees the minors. MLB also suggested a higher standard of living conditions and better transportation. 

The suggestions come after years of criticism and lawsuits regarding minor league pay. The Toronto Blue Jays are already reportedly in the process of finalizing a pay increase of more than 50% for all players rostered on their affiliated minor league clubs.

"We have received many questions regarding the decision of the Toronto Blue Jays to increase the salaries of minor league players," MLB said in a statement to ESPN. "While each Club makes its own decisions regarding minor league salaries, the Office of the Commissioner is presently in negotiations with the National Association of Professional Baseball on the terms of a new agreement between the Major Leagues and the Minor Leagues to replace the agreement that expires in September 2020.

"The working conditions of minor league players, including their compensation, facilities and benefits, is an important area of discussion in those negotiations," the league added.