Bryce Harper Gave the Phillie Phanatic the Best Birthday Present

Does this mean they're best friends?
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The Phillie Phanatic celebrated his birthday on Sunday, and Bryce Harper marked the occasion with the perfect gift.

Before Philadelphia's matchup against the Marlins, Harper presented the mascot with a big box. He opened it and proceeded to tear through several layers of tissue paper before pulling out a pair of neon green Phanatic-themed sneakers, just like the ones Harper rocked on Opening Day.

The Phanatic was ecstatic over the gift and shared a big hug with Harper to say thanks.

These two have a history of wearing matching footwear. After Harper nodded the mascot with his Opening Day cleats, the Phanatic wore the outfielder's picture on his green sneakers a few days later.

This looks like the start of a long and beautiful friendship.