Heart Transplant Recipient, Donor's Family Meet at Cardinals-Reds Game

Donovan Bulger was 21 when he passed in 2016. John Sueme, 65, received Bulger's heart in a transplant. Sueme met members of Bulger's family at a Cardinals game.
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On Sunday, the Cardinals hosted the Reds on an afternoon that St. Louis was celebrating Transplant Awareness Day, which honors the lives of families of both donors and recipients. The matchup helped facilitate a heartwarming meeting.

Donovan Bulger was 21 when he passed in 2016. He was an organ donor, and in turn helped save several lives, his siblings told CNN.

Bulger's siblings were in attendance of Sunday's game. While there, they encountered John Sueme, a 65-year-old man who received Bulger's heart in 2016 after suffering from heart failure for five years. 

Upon receiving Bulger's heart, Sueme wrote his family expressing gratitude. He later received a letter from Bulger's sister that included two photos of him. Bulger's siblings wore lime green shirts to the game featuring one of the photos, which Sueme's daughter recognized while at the stadium.

"It was like lightning struck yesterday," Sueme said. "I certainly always wanted to meet them."