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Sometimes, life is actually about the destination, rather than the journey. Or at least that's how teammates Shin Bon-Ki and Jeon Jun-Woo, of the South Korean baseball team Lotte Giants, might see it now.

Things briefly got chaotic for the duo when a fly ball to shallow left-center field bounced squarely off the shortstop Bon-Ki's head in the top of the eighth inning of a tie game against the Hanwha Eagles Wednesday night, only to land directly in the left fielder Joon-Woo's glove for an out. 

Check out the wacky play, courtesy of baseball writer Sung Min Kim:

When a ball hits a player's body, it remains fair game for another player—in this case Jun-Woo—to catch, in the same way a ball tipped off a fielder's glove for a home run counts. While there are certainly less painful ways to make an out, Bon-Ki luckily was not injured on the play and remained in the game.

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Kudos to the Giants for making the ultimate heads-up play.