'Get it Out of the Ocean': Max Muncy Crushes HR Off Madison Bumgarner, Words Exchanged

The latest Dodger Madison Bumgarner went after was Max Muncy.
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What's the beef between Max Muncy and Madison Bumgarner?

Well it started Sunday at Oracle Park in San Francisco when the Dodgers' Muncy hit a homer off the Giants' Bumgarner. Muncy crushed the ball 426 feet into McCovey Cove, but he took a little too long to start running to first for Bumgarner's liking. Bumgarner shouted at Muncy, "Don't watch the ball, run," before Muncy reached first base, and Muncy yelled back. The dinger was the lone run in the Dodgers' win on Sunday.

After the game, Muncy had a message for Bumgarner after the game: "If you don't want me to watch the ball, you can get it out of the ocean."

Bumgarner said after, "I can’t even say it with a straight face but the more I think about it, I should just let the kids play," he said, according to The Athletic's Andrew Baggerly. "But I just ... I can’t. ... They want to let everybody be themselves, then let me be myself. That’s me."

The beef between Bumgarner and the Dodgers isn't new. But usually, it was between Bumgarner and former Los Angeles player Yasiel Puig