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Police Escort Max Scherzer Look-Alike Through Nationals World Series Parade

The Nationals celebrated their first World Series championship with an epic parade through the streets of Washington, D.C. on Saturday. Fans even thought ace Max Scherzer was walking through the crowd until they did a double-take.

Police escorted Mad Max's doppelganger Kevin Kramer through the streets after fans started crowding around him. According to WJLA, fans regularly mistake Kramer for Scherzer and ask him for autographs and photos. Despite Kramer's eyes being the same color, fans didn't seem to notice and were giddy to see "Max" at the parade.

The real Max Scherzer was indeed at the parade and danced atop Washington's bus with the custom championship belt the Nationals received from WWE. 

Check out some highlights from the parade:

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