Report: Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez Raising Money for Potential Mets Bid

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Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez "retained JPMorgan Chase to raise capital for a potential bid on the New York Mets," on Monday, according to Variety's Scott Soshnick

Rodriguez and Lopez's interest in buying the Mets was first reported in February. Billionaire Steve Cohen attempted to buy the Mets early in 2019, but a potential deal fell through. 

"The transaction between Sterling and Steve Cohen was a highly complicated one," the Mets ownership group said in a statement. "Despite the efforts of the parties over the past several months, it became apparent that the transaction as contemplated would have been too difficult to execute."

Mets owners Steve and Jeff Wilpon have continued seeking a buyer, and the former Yankees third baseman could be a primary player. Rodriguez said he "would certainly look," at the opportunity to buy the Mets in a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Rodriguez would be the second former All-Star serving as an owner in the National League East. Derek Jeter is currently the part owner of the Miami Marlins, owning 4% of the team, per Variety