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Mets SP Marcus Stroman on Playing Game in Rain: 'Not Smart at All'

It took just nine pitches for Sunday's game between the Mets and Marlins to be suspended due to rain, but the entire process that led to the game being played at all irked pitcher Marcus Stroman.

After the contest was called off, Stroman voiced his frustration on Twitter, calling the decision to start the game "not smart at all" and lamenting the injury risk for the players on the field during adverse weather conditions.

The decision to proceed during substandard weather conditions is made by the home team, which on Sunday was the Mets. Stroman later took issue with having his words characterized as him being unhappy with the Mets, calling the media "misleading."

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Mets manager Luis Rojas told reporters after the game that the team's ballpark operations staff had consulted with weather services prior to first pitch before deciding to start the game on time, according to ESPN. Rojas does not believe that process will change going forward when similar instances like this occur in future games.

"[Stroman] heard the message that we were going, that we were good to play. And I think there was the trust of 'OK, yeah, we're going.' It wasn't the case," Rojas said. "And I think that's when we can be disappointed about the decision now. But now we've just got to move forward."

Rojas did not take issue with Stroman's comments afterward, and supported his player for speaking his mind.

"That's how Stro is, is outspoken. He's open, talking and he says what he feels," Mets manager Luis Rojas said. "He did not share anything this morning. He gets ready. He was doing his routine. He was just waiting for the communication, whether we were going to start on time or not."