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After a wild finish to the season, the best time of year is finally here. It's October, and the wonderful stress of playoff baseball has returned. So, Sports Illustrated is launching a new MLB newsletter. Subscribe to the Five-Tool Newsletter today for daily updates from SI's writers, starting with the playoffs.

To help you follow it all, our team of MLB reporters is putting together a daily newsletter. As the title indicates, each edition is an outstanding prospect and has five parts:

  • The Opener: The day's biggest baseball story.
  • ICYMI: A round-up of our must-reads to get you caught up on whatever you may have missed.
  • Worth Noting: Answering your questions and catching you up on insider news and notes.
  • What to Watch For: A preview of what's in store for that day's games.
  • Closer: Like any good closer, we're finishing each edition efficiently and with a nasty breaking ball.

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