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Minor League Player Advocacy Group Criticizes MLB Housing Plan

An advocacy group for minor-league baseball players issued a statement Thursday criticizing new initiatives by MLB.

Major League Baseball announced in October 2020 that it “agreed to begin providing housing to certain minor league players.” The new housing initiative was tied to increased salaries for minor league players, per MLB

The Advocates for Minor Leaguers called the MLB‘s initiatives a “massive victory,” in Thursday’s statement, though they did highlight several shortcomings. Three issues were cited by the group. Players are still forced to share a room with a teammate in the current plan, no additional accommodations are given for spouses and children and MLB teams are still given the right to use host families in lieu of apartments or homes.  

Harry Marino, the executive director of Advocates for Minor Leaguers said Thursday the flaws in MLB’s plan demonstrates “why it is imperative that Minor League players be given a seat at the table.”

"While the new policy represents a massive player victory, the specifics of the policy were determined unilaterally by MLB, which neither asked for nor received our input,” the release states.

No word has been given if MLB will adjust their current policies in order to meet the stated concerns. The 2022 minor-league season is expected to begin as scheduled in April. 

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