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U.S. Attorney’s Office Sues Cubs Over Alleged ADA Shortcomings at Wrigley Field

Chicago’s U.S. Attorney’s office is suing the Cubs following a federal investigation into of Wrigley Field’s Americans with Disabilities Act compliance following its renovation. 

The lawsuit details how “the Cubs removed the best wheelchair seating in the stadium” and “failed to incorporate wheelchair seating into new premium clubs and group seating areas,” per the Chicago Sun Times

“Although this project significantly enhanced the gameday experience for many fans, particularly those able to take advantage of premium clubs and other luxury accommodations, the same cannot be said for fans with disabilities,” the feds wrote.

The lawsuit also highlighted how the Cubs failed to remove architectural barriers where they could and placed wheelchair seating in the last row of general admission. 

The franchise said in a statement, in part, per the Times, “Wrigley Field is now more accessible than ever in its 108-year history, demonstrated by increasing accessible seating options by more than 50 percent on and across more levels and in more locations …The Friendly Confines today is more welcoming than ever to fans with accessibility needs.”

The team added that it hoped this “can be resolved amicably, but we will defend Wrigley Field and our position it meets accessibility requirements for fans.”

The probe initially became public in December 2019 as the franchise’s lawyers filed a letter after a lawsuit was brought forth by a Chicago fan with Duchenne muscular dystrophy who used a wheelchair.