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Barry Bonds on Aaron Judge Chasing Home Run Record: ‘Go for It’

Aaron Judge’s pursuit to pass Roger Maris for the American League and Yankees all-time record for home runs in a single season has captivated the Baseball world, but he is still 13 home runs behind the league record of 73 home runs.

The holder of that record, Barry Bonds, would welcome Judge getting so hot that he surpasses that number. The former Giants outfielder said he would have no issues if Judge would overtake him for that honor.

“Go for it,” Bonds said, via Sportico’s Barry M. Bloom. “The way he swings he might as well hit one a day and get past me. I don’t care. Why not?”

However, not everyone believes Bonds is the true record holder. Since Bonds broke the record during the Steroid Era, many people treat his 73 home run season with a giant asterisk.

Despite those doubts, Bonds still believes he holds the true record.

“It doesn’t matter what people say,” Bonds said. “In MLB, it says Barry Bonds. That’s all that matters, right? Anyone can have their own opinion, and I respect their opinion, but MLB says 762 is the record, 73 is the record. Unless MLB changed something they’re still there.”

It is unlikely that Judge can reach 73 home runs, as the Yankees only have 12 games remaining. And, assuming the Yankees clinch the AL East relatively soon, Judge will probably get a few rest days ahead of the playoffs.

Still, this season has been maybe the most impressive since one of Bonds’ performances early in the 2000s. That in of itself is a special tier to be placed.

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