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Dodgers Are Still Favored to Win the World Series

For Dodger fans this probably seems surprising.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have six games left of the regular season and trail the San Francisco Giants by two games in the National League West standings. This math isn't difficult. In the last six games of the season, the Giants need to lose a minimum of two games and the Dodgers essentially need to win all six.

In spite of that, Vegas odds still have the Dodgers as the favorite to win the World Series and repeat as champions. The latest update from BetMGM has them at +300 to win the World Series.

That is a pretty bold statistical analysis when you consider that the Dodgers would need to win a one-game wild card game against a Cardinals team that has won 16 games in a row and don't appear to ever want to lose again. The Dodgers would immediately need to then win in a best of 5 in the NLDS, presumably without Max Scherzer for at least the first two games. 

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Still, any team would like Max Scherzer on the mound in a do-or-die game and with the Dodgers lineup, on paper they appear to be a juggernaut. Still, anything can happen in one game. 

For the Dodgers to win the division, they need the Giants to lose. The Giants' last six games are against the Arizona Diamondbacks, who are a last place team, and the Padres who are 6-14 in their last 20 games and who have been on a downhill skid for the past two months. The Dodgers too face the Padres, as well as the NL Central division winners, the Milwaukee Brewers. A lot needs to go right for the Dodgers to win their division, but it isn't impossible.